whats up nyall im dave (or hal, crow, kin names/ nicknames etc). im a 22yo transmasc/ nb mess and have been on hrt since 8/27/18. sometimes i draw but not very often anymore. i usually just yell about how much i love bugs and chickens.

so anyway heres wonderwall my kins and other shit


these are all the characters i identify as, most typically in terms of past-life/ spiritual deals.

IDs/ most prominent:


-Shitpostkin (/jk)
-Mtn Dew Baja Blast (/jk)


characters i associate with, but not spiritually


keepin' these out in the open for convenience's sake. the higher on the list it is, the more prominent it tends to be.

Alcohol*** (big one. if you repeatedly try to talk to me while drunk, youll most likely get blocked. please dont.)AbuseCsa/ cocsa, pedophiliaCar accidents (audio/ video shit. convos dont bother me.)


im not actually on a lot of other sites anymore but i figure ill list em anyway for the sake of it

discord: Crowsicle#8847
trollian: @seppucrow
main tumblr: crowsicle
art blog: toonclouds
twitch: toonclouds
twitter: @Toonclouds
paypal/ business email: crowsicles@gmail.com